By Billy Kidd

First of all, what even?  Second, how do you “accidentally” let a cobra out? But third, why would you want to own a cobra for a pet? Wait one more question…is that possible? Well, sort of. After some research here, we found it is illegal to have a venomous snake as household pet, but in this specific case, the owner was able to obtain a license to posses this cold-blooded creature. Why? Because Florida.

The 2-foot-long snake is extremely poisonous (obviously) and was accidentally let out in Ocala, FL about 100 miles away from Tampa Bay. The cobra’s own, Brian Purdy, apparently had his apprentice watching the creature. The apprentice was in Purdy’s sealed reptile room. When he didn’t see the cobra in its confinement area he tried to use different tactics to get it to “move around,” reported the Ocala Star-Banner newspaper. When that didn’t work, he opened the cage with a shield (why why why). The cobra jumped almost straight up at the handler and slithered away.

The man called Purdy after sealing the room and shortly after Purdy notified authorities he couldn’t find the snake. What’s baffling to the neighbors on the block is that no one knew Purdy owned a snake. Many mentioned he owned various animals. but he never said anything about venomous snakes. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has urged people in the area of the snake’s home — the 900 block of NE Fifth Street — to “use caution” until the cobra is captured. Cobras are naturally reclusive, but will strike if they feel threatened.

By the way, the rest of Purdy’s reptiles have been accounted for. Which ones? A Gaboon viper and an African bush viper. That’s nice.


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