Plano Woman Creates Alcohol Infused Ice Cream That Will Definitely Get You Wasted

Author: JT

Brigid Calloway worked pharmaceutical, oil and gas fields when people told her there was no way she could freeze alcohol.

She had always been curious why frozen treats filled with booze weren’t available in area grocery stores, so she tackled the problem head on.  Her first attempts proved unsuccessful, but her first batch, which was infused with Hennessey, had her friends hooked immediately.

Calloway told the Plano Profile, “I started making different flavors, experimenting. I would pull up to clubs in Dallas with different kinds of alcoholic ice cream for people to try.  It was kinda sketchy being like ‘Hey wanna eat some ice cream outta my trunk.'”

She eventually opened a brick-and mortar-shop, but realized she hated babysitting employees.  Now, Calloway has opened a tasting room at her home base in Plano, where she services customers by appointment only.  “I went into business for myself to be able to create what want.  I am happiest…and have the best customer interaction when I am able to be creatively free.”

These frozen and alcoholic treats are available for purchase, for those 21 and older, online HERE, as well as at several Central Market locations beginning this summer.

Via Plano Profile

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