Millennials, as Rolling Stone puts it, are often described as a “much maligned” generation.

Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers seem reluctant and unwilling to pass off the reigns to the future of the country to a group of “kids” that they feel are technology obsessed that have had everything handed to them.  It’s a very “get off my lawn” philosophy of thinking, but a recent poll conducted by Rolling Stone showed that millennials are honest, with 64% admitting they more materialistic than their parents, and are concerned and educated in current political events, with at least 50% voting in 2012.


No matter what side of the fence you may fall on, or don’t care whose lawn you need to get off, there are just some things Millennials just don’t know.

Koosh Balls

They were balls!  With stringy, rubber string things on them!  You could throw them at your friends…and other stuff….

Mark Wahlberg the Musician!

Don’t lie.  “Good Vibrations is on your iPod today, and was definitely in your walkman in 1991.  Mark Wahlberg has reinvented himself as an Academy Award nominated actor, but he first rose to prominence as a rapper fronting The Funky Bunch.  The vibrations are still good like Sunkist.

Getting Film Developed

We didn’t always have digital cameras.  All those vacation pics, you had to wait until you got home, and made your way to the local pharmacy or grocery store and drop off rolls and rolls of film.  You never knew how well the pictures turned out until you picked them up!


The two sons of Rick Nelson and their longe, blonde, flowing locks took over the world with” After The Rain” and “(Can’t Live Without You) Love and Affection.”  They were great, but they emerged right on the verge of Grunge Music, and never regained their surge in popularity.

Judge Reinhold

Before stops in a local Dallas jail, you couldn’t go see a movie without running into this guy at some point.  With appearances in StripesFast Times At Ridgemont High, and Beverly Hills Cop, Reinhold was a firm fixture in ’80s pop culture.  Once the clock turned to 1990, he never could find the success that he had in the preceding decade, but we still absolutely love him.

Kerri Strug

Before the Fierce Five…before the Final Five…there was Kerri Strug.  She overcame an injury in the 1996 Olympics that should have knocked her out completely.  Not only did she fight through serious ankle pain, she went on to win the Gold in one of the most incredible Olympic moments of all time.

Floppy Discs

We didn’t have USB Drives back in the day.  You wanted something saved?  You had to carry around this frisbee in your bag to transfer documents between computers.  The only cloud was in the sky!

Want more?  See the rest of 50 things Millennials just don’t have a clue about HERE!

Via Rolling Stone



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