Forget April The Giraffe! Seagoville Animal Center Boasts Live Feed Of Bald Eagle Eggs Hatching!

While half of the world is enamored with April the Giraffe, waiting for her to give birth to a brand new calf, the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center in Seagoville has their own live feed of an animal birth, and our animal is way, way cooler.

The center welcomed two brand new bald eagle eggs, after the mother laid them late last January,


Last Thursday, the first of those eggs hatched!

The center has set up a live 24 hour feed of the bald eagle nest, with the hopes of allowing to public to watch the second egg hatch, which wetland center director John DeFillipo called “a wonderful window into wildlife observation.”

You can watch the live feed HERE!

Via Dallas News

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