If you’re brand new to the Lone Star State, we’ve got two things to say: First, welcome.  Second, Why did it take you so long to get here?

There are a few things you might want to know about the greatest state on the country, some good, some not so good.

Blogger Anne Polini recently moved from the Northeast, and detailed ten things she’s learned quickly about the Lone Star State.  From the food to the grackles, read below and find out the Ten Things you need to know about Texas if you’re new!

1- You Cannot Show Too Much Texas Pride

In most states, apparently, it is rather uncommon to walk around with shirts displaying an outline or display of said state.  Not Texas.  Maybe it’s because most states have a boring shape.  Who wants to walk around with a giant rectangle on their shirt?  Thank goodness Texas has an amazing shape, so amazing that it adorns our shirts, key chains, bumper stickers, and there is no doubt Texans per capita have their state tattooed on their body than any other.

2- Refills

So refills aren’t a regular thing nationwide.  That second glass of Coke or Sweet Tea costs extra.  That’s ridiculous and inhumane.

3- Grackles

They’re barely a bird, and more the spawn of pure annoying evil.  Their black beady eyes let you know they will swarm around your neighborhoods crying out and being the most annoying daily occurrence you’ll encounter.

4- Churches And Dentists On Every Corner

Remember the free refills?  Sometimes that sugar builds up, and you need a dentist immediately.  No need to worry about googling a dentist’s office.  Just start driving around and you’ll end up at one pretty soon.

5- Greenbean Casserole

This surprised us, even.  No green bean casserole?  That’s a staple of every Christmas and Thanksgiving meal!

6- Decorating The Ground With Christmas Lights

Up north, there’s snow, so there’s no need to put lights on the ground.  We don’t have that problem here! The grounds are so pretty!

7- Definitions of “Hot” And “Cold”

Anne says “hot” means anything above 105, and “cold” means anything below 50, and “snow” is any white precipitation that falls from the sky, no matter if it sticks to the ground or not.  Texas weather can be a whole other story.  It was 40 degrees over the weekend and a high of 80 this week.

8- Abscence Of Basements

Why don’t more houses in Texas have basements?  It would really make storing all your useless junk easier.  No need to drive to a storage facility.

9- Strangers Opening The Door For You

Southern hospitality.  Get used to it, please.  We’re polite down here.  Apparently manners aren’t as common in other parts of the country.

10- “Y’all”

Anne had never heard “y’all” before.  She even misused it the first time.  Soon though, she says she’ll be cooking a green bean casserole in her Texas shaped pan proclaiming “Merry Christmas, Y’all!”

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