Lady Gaga Slays Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Lady Gaga descended upon Houston’s NRG Stadium tonight in true patriotic fashion as she kicked off what is now being called the greatest Super Bowl halftime show in recent years.

The singer stayed true to her uniqueness by opening the show on top of the stadium rooftop, where she “This Land is Your Land” and “God Bless America.” She took it one step further and recited a line of the pledge of allegiance, just as drones lit up the night sky in an image of the American Flag, as she stepped off the rooftop.

Brought down by a series of cables, she greeted the Super Bowl crowd with “Poker Face.” She continued with backup dancers and medley of “The Edge of Glory”,  “Born This Way” and “Telephone.”

The electrified artist ended her stunning show with a performance of “Bad Romance.” As red, white and blue light beams flashed throughout the stadium.


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