7 Things Texans Do When It’s Really Cold Outside

We are probably all guilty of doing all of these at some point during the last few days.  It dropped 50 degrees on Saturday!  You went from shorts and flip-flops to a parka in a matter of hours.

Guide Live put together a list of seven things Texans do when it gets cold outside.  Like really, really cold.

Buy All The Canned Goods

This might be the end of the world after all.  When the cold comes there is no way you want to be without a healthy supply of cream corn and sweet peas.

Go Outside

There’s really only one way to make sure it’s actually that cold outside.  You can offer a friendly nod to your neighbor as he walks outside as well, then slowly return to your homes for Netflix and hot chocolate.

Wear Everything You Own

Sounds like Joey.

Drive To Get Coffee

Coffee is just better outside the home.  Better get the Starbucks Fruitcake Frappucino before it runs out!

Stop At Home Depot

Same train of thought with buying all the canned goods, we guess.  Plus, they have tons of firewood available, and the styrofoam cover things you need to put on your hose faucets.

Post Something On Facebook

Ok.  If nothing else, we are all definitely guilty of doing this.  Whether it’s posting a funny quip about the weather dropping 50 degrees, or showing off your kids as they are all bundled up, Facebook was meant for this sort of thing

Cancel Your Plans

There is no better excuse to stay the night in than cold weather.  Does anything feel better than cozying up on the sofa in your comfiest jammies as the fire blazes and your favorite guilty pleasure programs are on TV?  No.  Absolutely not.

Via Guide Live 

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