Along with lines and lines of dedicated class notes, we could always find time in class to draw the “S.”

Know which one we’re talking about?  Check it out below and take a trip to Nostalgiaville.

Now, Vice is known for their hard-hitting documentaries that look into the underbelly of human existence.  The lives that are lead on the other side of the tracks.  Between the drug dealers and distributors, or cartels and gangs in South America, they tackled this S.

Vice editor Julian Morgans went around his office trying to see if any of his coworkers knew the origin of this mysterious letter.  Some  mentioned it as a “Superman” S, but a call to DC Comics confirmed it had nothing to do with the superhero.  One producer was adamant it was called the “Stussy S,” in reference to a popular California brand of surf and street wear.  Emmy Cates, who was worked alongside Shawn Stussy since 1985, revealed that people had been drawing the S long before Stussy was around, although she is always asked if that is in fact a Stussy Logo.

A final call to Paul Cobley, a professor in language and media at Middlesex University in London, revealed that he thinks the Ss origins stem from the fact that it’s fun to draw.  He explained saying, “The reason kids go through this is probably because it’s a Moebius strip.  It can’t be drawn continuously, but it does have a perpetual flow.”

Morgans concludes that the S isn’t Superman, or some surf logo, it’s “just the most fun ever.”

Via Vice


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