How BuzzFeed is Destroying Journalism and Tearing the World Apart

BuzzFeed is an online “news organization”, their focus is going viral. The site does not care about truth, relativity or actuality; they’re simply concerned with what will cause a war and how quickly can it be shared among millions.

This type of journalism is destroying world. The senseless articles are creating a false realm of importance. The conglomerates are affected and forced to participate.

Recently BuzzFeed published a idiotic article claiming Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” were anti-gay because they attend a church, whos Pastor years ago said homosexuality was a sin.  (Shocker, I know! Since when do Christian churches preach homosexuality as sin?!)

The article went viral and has caused a complete and over-exaggerated war. People are threatening to boycott the Gaines family business, HGTV, along with the show, while others are screaming their support and spreading hate filled messages toward the LGBT community.

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed is sitting back collecting money of the viral-ness of it’s ridiculous article. The LGBT community, it’s activists and major organizations have not even officially acknowledged the article or the outlandish claims against the Gaines family. The article has nothing to do with the LGBT community or even Christianity for that matter; what it does have to do with is creating a tension or war, between two very passionate groups in hopes it will go viral and they – BuzzFeed can collect the biggest monetary gain of all.


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