‘Fixer Upper’ Participant Reveals Part of the Show Is Fake

Chances are that when you watch Fixer Upper, there are times that you question if that part of the show is “real” or “staged.”  For example, I always suspect that Joanna has unseen assistants to help her decorate the homes before the big reveal.  I would also be willing to bet that when it comes to demolition, Chip may swing the hammer a few times for the cameras, but the rest of the work is left to his assistants.

David Ridley, a participant in season three revealed that the opening of the show, where the client looks at three homes chosen by Chip and Joanna Gaines, is smoke-and-mirrors as well.  Mainly, given that a potential Fixer Upper client must already have a house under contract to be eligible for the show.  Therefore, the portion of the show that reflects another HGTV favorite, House Hunters, where the clients choose from three prospective homes is completely staged.

Ridley also said he had to give details about the house’s structural issues, yard, improvements they would want to make, and to upload photos of the home.  In a nutshell, Chip and Joanna choose you.

The pros of the process are that viewers are shown options that might meet the needs of the family.  It ignites our imagination and teaches us which kind of fixer uppers we might consider buying.  It also outlines information about what types of upgrades would be necessary and how to allocate a budget.

All in all, the show is still entertaining and educational.  Now, we just know for sure which parts are “show business.”

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