Is 4 AM the Most Productive Hour?

Early birds gets the worm, yes, but this is really early for most of us! Entrepreneurs and executives interviewed by the Wall Street Journal say getting up before everyone else works for them – and the proof is in their success pudding, so to speak.

Apple CEO Tim Cook sets his alarm for 3:45 AM. to get a jump on the day, while Wall Street vet Sallie Krawcheck has written, “I’m never more productive than at 4 AM”

Why is this? While some experts say our bodies are meant to be active early in the day, and others suggest our minds are most alert in the early hours, psychologist Josh Davis, who wrote the book Two Awesome Hours, says the main reason for the productivity is that no one else is around. As he tells the Wall Street Journal, “No one is expecting you to email or answer the phone at 4 AM. No one will be posting on Facebook. You’ve removed the internal temptation and the external temptation.”

Apparently 4 AM is no longer just the ‘must get up’ time for farmers, flight attendants and morning radio peeps. Would you be willing to set an alarm that early to get a jump on the day?

The trade off… 8:30 bedtime!


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