VIDEO: Dallas Singer Gains National Attention with “You’ve Gotta Love Millennials”

Micah Tyler is a singer and songwriter from right here in Dallas. His music comes from a love of ‘southern soul’ mixed with a gospel-centered sound. While he’s had chart topping songs, his latest experiment has boosted him into the national spotlight again. “You’ve Gotta Love Millennials” is a fun video, taking shots at some of the biggest stereotypes the Millennial generation face.

“As a millennial myself, I’ve heard so many hard stereotypes that have been firmly attached to my generation. Instead of shying away or ignoring any of them, I figured we might as well laugh about them together! Humor is such a disarming force,” Tyler explains.

Tyler created the video as a way to “serve a room full of leaders by making an over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek representation of how crazy stereotypes can be against a group of people.” The video first made it’s debut at a Church leaders conference in Dallas last week; in order to move the elephants in the room out of the way, so they all could focus on living beyond labels and stereotypes.

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