Dude Funds Professional Music Video To Vent About His Jeep

We’ve all been there. Something pisses you off and you just can’t take it any more. We’re not talking “this guy cut in line” angry. We’re not talking “put your phone one silent, this is a theater” angry. We’re not even talking “lady, shut your kid up right now” angry. We’re talking “Occupy Wallstreet” angry, but with way cooler effects.

Earlier today, an Australian by the name of Teg Sethi dropped his first YouTube video: an anti-Chrysler tirade about the mistake he made in buying a Jeep. But this guy didn’t just set up a webcam to piss and moan to the world. He sat down, wrote out his thoughts in verse and hired a crew to put together a music video about his crappy car, which has been breaking down consistently for two years according to his aggressive flows.

Here’s what a reported (according to Facebook users, so we can’t say for sure) eight grand will get you in protest music video:

Alright, so he’s not exactly a hard-edged rapper straight outta Compton. Heck, he’s not even a Lonely Island kind of funny rapper. His lyrics and talent are subpar. But that’s not the point. The point is that a dude got so fed up with his crappy car that he produced a music video despite not really having the skill to star in one.

That video, at the time of this post, has amassed over 40,000 views in about 24 hours. As well it should: the internet is the consumer’s greatest weapon. We ought to spread the word about bad products. The more we do, the more corporations have to be honest and fair.

Let them fear our tweets and yelps and music videos. That’s the American Australian dream.


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