New Research Shows Link Between Music, Mental Health

Our dedicated staff of nerds has been trolling the internet for Cool Science facts, and we think they’ve found a winner! According to ScienceDaily, the music we listen to affects more than our temporary mood. It may be linked to overall mental health!

In the article, Finnish scientists suggest that using music as a form of coping and processing emotions may be more effective (or dangerous) than we’ve realized. Rumination — thinkin’ about bad stuff a lot — has been linked to poor mental health in the past, so it’s not too shocking to hear that hiding between your headphones may not be the best thing for your brain, either!

The testing, which mostly consisted of surveying music listeners and monitoring their depression/anxiety/neuroticism while they listen to their tunes, showed a particularly strong link between those symptoms and the use of sad or aggressive music to cope with or control them. They also tested clips of happy or upbeat music on the same group, and found that listening behaviors tend to set a routine that may effect long-term mental health.

We’re no experts, but it sounds like maybe your “rainy day” playlist needs to get junked!

Of course, this study by no means shows music to be directly good or bad for your health. It’s all about how you use it! So keep jamming out to psych yourself up and maybe steer clear of any temptation to weep softly in the corner while you listen to The Fray?

Either way, we’re definitely applying for status as a legitimate medical treatment. Listen to JACK! It’s good for you!


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