This Video Recreation Of Mad Max On Go Karts Is The Best 3 Minutes You’ll Spend Online Today

Remember when you were a kid (or when your kids were kids) back in the 90s and people came to blows over who got to play as Toad in MarioKart? Multiply that by 10,000 and add a lot of dirt and grease and you’re starting to understand the beauty that is the following viral commercial from WB Games and Devin Super Tramp. Tip of the cap to SlashFilm for digging this one up.

That’s all the tease you get. We fully expect you to be hysterical by 0:31.

Something about watching a full grown man hop, with all seriousness, into a teeny car run by what appears to be a lawn mower engine makes us downright giddy. Here in the office, we’ve been cackling and throwing banana peels at each other for the last half hour. We’re pretty sure the rest of the video is awesome (it’s been on replay but we’re too busy looking for secret shortcuts to actually watch it).

As a bonus, check out this Mario Kart version of the original trailer. It’s what we’re doing for the rest of today.


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