Get “Spring Fever” At Dark Hour Haunted House


Nothing says springtime like zombies, so head over to Dark Hour Haunted House this weekend for a big ol’ zombie fest!

Those brave enough will be dropped into an area ravaged by zombies and will then attempt to get out while being aided by suspicious survivors and attacked by ravenous zombies

If you’re a lady — OK, a female — check out the Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run.

This thing is set for April 26th at Skyline Ranch and will involve three miles and ten obstacles.

Did we mention a TON of mud??

You can even crack open a cold one at the finish line and celebrate with your girlfriends!

And Jack’s March Baldness presented by Bud Light continues on this week!

One lucky baldy is going to snag $2,000  with your help, so just go here to check out the sexy skulls.

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