Take A Fencing Class

(Photo by Maxim Marmur/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by Maxim Marmur/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s a day soaked in mead, turkey grease, facial hair and swashbuckling, and that’s just the LADIES at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie!

Well, it’s just SOME of the ladies…

Come on, it was the Middle Ages!

There was no waxing, no plucking, no antibiotics or Facebook tagging.

You did as you pleased, and if you were lucky, you lived to experience the misery of turning 30…

OK, so you already went to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival and now you want to do some swashbuckling of your own.

No problem!

Fencing classes are being offered at the Fencing Institute of Texas!

They offer classes for all ages and experience levels in both competitive and recreational fencing, so you’ll probably find SOMETHING you want to do!

Just leave the mead and turkey leg at home…

They’ll stain that white fencing outfit!

On guard!  And click on that player below:

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