Stunning footage of a meteor exploding over a Russian town in the Ural Mountains is going viral across the Internet today. The footage comes as astronomers turn watchful eyes towards asteroid 2012 DA14 is supposed to make the closest ever flyby of the Earth in recorded history.

Around 9:20AM local time, an estimated 11 ton meteor streaked across the skies over the Russian town of Chelyabinsk. The streak grew into a giant fireball that lit of the skies as it exploded about 18-32 miles above the ground. The explosion actually caused damage and injuries on the ground as windows blew out in the blast and sections of the roof at a zinc factory collapsed.

This afternoon at 1:24PM CST, asteroid 2012 DA14 is expected to pass between the Earth and some of our satellites in orbit. The asteroid will come within 17,150 miles in one of the closest shaves the Earth has ever had since scientists began keeping track of near-Earth objects.


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