(Photo credit ABDULLAH DOMA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit ABDULLAH DOMA/AFP/Getty Images)

Movies to Watch for in 2013

  1. “Inside Llewyn Davis” February 8- This is latest movie from the Coen Brothers. It stars Cary Mulligan and Justin Timberlake as folk musicians in the 1960’s, but do you really care what it’s about? I know most film fans will see ANYTHING the Coen Brothers put out, even IF Justin Timberlake is in it.
  2. “Oz: The Great & Powerful” March 8- Director Sam Raimi tells us what happened BEFORE Dorothy met the Good Witch, with James Franco playing The Great and Powerful Oz. I don’t have a good feeling about this movie, but my love for Dorothy and her ruby slippers will keep my hopes high.
  3. “The Host” March 29- This is the film adaptation of Stephanie Meyers’ novel for grown-ups. She created the record-breaking “Twilight” series so everyone is waiting to see how this one performs. If it’s a success, odds are they’ll turn “The Host” into a series as well.
  4. “Iron Man 3” May 3- Will we get something like the fantastic first “Iron Man” or a flop like the second? Tony Stark proved to be one of the favorite Avengers from last summer, so this movie is sure to pack theaters, which brings me to #5.
  5. “Thor: The Dark World” November 8 –Most of the original cast is back, including Natalie Portman and my personal favorite Tom Hiddleston. “The Avengers” was such a hit, people will see this one just to get another taste.
  6. “Nebraska” (not sure about the release date) This is the latest from Oscar winning director Alexander Payne. It’s about a father and son on a road trip but much like any Coen Brothers flick, most people will see this one because it’s a Payne movie (including ME).
  7. “The Great Gatsby” May 10- Baz Luhrmann directs and sets this to music, much like his 2001 “Moulin Rouge.” Leonardo DiCaprio plays the bewitched Gatsby and Cary Mulligan is his Daisy, but I really can’t imagine either one of them singing and dancing. Then again, I didn’t think “Moulin Rouge” would work either.
  8. “Star Trek: Into Darkness” May 17- Khan is BACK and so is J.J. Abrams as director. Really, what more do you need to know?!
  9. “Lone Ranger” July 3rd– The gorgeous Armie Hammer stars as the Lone Ranger but people are more excited to see Johnny Depp play Tonto. Gore Verbinski directs so expect this to look a little like “The Pirates of the Caribbean” meets “Rango.”
  10. “Man of Steel” June 14- It’s a new Superman! “Batman” Director Christopher Nolan mentored Director Zack Snyder while he filmed this, so it will be interesting to see if that affects the tone.
  11. “World War Z” June 21- Fans of the novel by Max Brookes have been grumbling ever since the trailer was released, saying it looks stupid and nothing like the book. I imagine people will still flock to theaters to watch Brad Pitt play a journalist who chronicles the Zombie War. If it’s a success, “World War Z” will probably be turned into a series.
  12. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” November 22nd– A new director takes the helm (Francis Lawrence) and many new characters will be introduced. There have been questions about the casting of Sam Claflin as fan-favorite Finnick, but only time will tell if he can carry the role. I don’t think THAT will keep fans of the book series away from theaters.
  13. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” December 13- The first Hobbit movie hasn’t been a critic’s darling but it has packed theaters regardless. It’s safe to assume that Part 2 will do the same.
  14. “Anchorman: The Legend Continues” December 20- Everyone is thrilled about this sequel even though we know it will never EVER be as good as the first “Anchorman.” The real question here is, just how much worse WILL it be?
  15. 3D Updates! – Some of our FAVORITE movies will be released in 3D this year, including “The Little Mermaid” and one of my personal favorites “Jurassic Park.” I absolutely can NOT wait to see that crazy T. Rex scene in 3 dimensions!

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