Now that Thanksgiving is officially out-of-the-way and November is coming to a close, it has officially become Holiday gift buying season.

Having trouble deciding what to buy your friends and family?

Well we can’t help you there, but we can tell you what to definitely not buy them.

Here is our list of the 10 worst Holiday gift ideas.


This is just as bad as giving someone the responsibility of a plant, but it doesn’t make any flowers. You can’t even eat anything off of it without pulling out thorns first. Do we live in Arizona? No then move along.

A Bathroom Scale

Oh great thanks, as if we’re not self-conscious enough about all that Holiday weight we gained now we can be reminded every time we step out of the shower.


We get it we smell, but don’t you think you could have stepped up and spent more than $2.95 on the gift. Tell your loved ones the smell in a classy way, by buying Chanel No 5 or something.

A Buy One Get One Free Coupon

Gee thanks. Now I can go spend some of my hard-earned cash, because you were too cheap to buy a gift. Be smart, use the coupon and then you can get the get yourself and your buddy a gift.

Knock-Off Merchandise

We’re not talking about buying a Vizio instead of a Sony. We’re talking about that X Station 360 or Folex you’ve been eying. There is a reason they’re only asking $15.00.

Spray On Hair

We’re pretty sure the person receiving this gift is already aware of their balding problem, and they already have this item. If you’re giving it to someone who isn’t balding it may be time to seek psychiatric help.


Why not just give’em a brick covered with frosting? It would probably taste better.

Art You Made

If your over the age of 5 and your last name isn’t Picasso, Van Gogh, or Monet we really don’t think your friends and family want that finger painting you’ve been working on.

Framed Pictures Of Yourself

A little coincided are we? Unless the person played a part in raising you we doubt they really want to stick a picture of you on their mantle.

Magazine Subscriptions

We get it you love your subscription Sheep!, but most of us don’t want it clogging up our mailboxes.


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