Dallas/Fort Worth has its share of haunted places and legends.

Here are some of the stories we found most intriguing.


hells gate2 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

River Legacy Park – Hells Gate – It’s a long trail with swamps on either side and shaded over by large trees.

At the end of the trail is a large mound of dirt and two fence posts that were once a gate.

As it is said this was the trail walked by captured spies of the union army on their way to be hung.

This gate was the last thing they saw before being led to the tree that stands beyond the gate where they died.

Walking the trail one can still hear the sobs and whispered prayers of the men and some women who walked there last steps here.

ghost annie1 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Six Flags Over Texas – In the Texas section next to the entrance of the “Texas Giant” is a yellow candy store.

It is the oldest building in the park.

It was said that in the early 1900’s a young girl (8 or so) drowned in Johnson’s Creek.

She supposedly can be seen walking the railroad tracks or in her room in the yellow house turning the light on and off or opening the curtain and then closing it.

Security guards at night also have problems locking the upstairs door because “ANNIE” feels playful.


little boy ghost Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Cedar Hill – Pleasant Valley – It is said if you go there late at night carry a book of matches with you, a little boy (who is unknown) will appear and sit in the passenger seat next to you and talk to you.

Also your radio starts changing stations suddenly, your car jumps into drive but the car will not move.


witch cabin Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Cedar Hill – Witch Mountain – There is a hill that on some nights, you can see a lit up cabin. Although, when you try to drive to it you cannot find it …anywhere!

In the late 1800’s there was a witch that lived there and it is said that her ghost is still there trying to attract people so she won’t be lonely.

ghost1 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Cleburne – Wright Place – Many experts have claimed it to be haunted.

The first floor is still a small restaurant, and the second floor is rarely used.

People have seen the figure of a young woman near a window and have claimed to smell oranges when she is around.

Legend says that she was pushed out of a window and killed by an angry boyfriend.


graveyard at night Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Coppell – Bethel Cemetery – Bethel Cemetery is a historical cemetery established in 1853.

The location is just east of Moore Road just north of Beltline.

There is a grave that was supposed to be haunted.

It is marked with odd symbols.

Apparently, the gravesite does not like its picture being taken because the submitter went through a roll of Polaroid instant film with every picture of the headstone overexposed.

Only one picture was normal, a picture of the landscape away from the gravestone.


haunted road Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Dallas – Flag Pole Hill Ghost – Near Flag Pole Hill on Northwest Highway.

There is a narrow horseshoe shaped road with lots of trees; a few obscured houses in between.

Once you start down this narrow road, you must continue because there is no place to turn around.

Mysterious events such as rocks flying from impossible angles towards cars; sudden unforeseen vehicular body damage, etc, have occurred here.

The local police department will verify this as far back as 1976.

Do not drive down at night.


ghost on stairs Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Dallas – Gus Thomasson/ Ferguson – On the corner of Ferguson Rd. and Gus Thomasson, is a pharmacy that is haunted by a man name Wayne. (used to be an Eckerd’s)

It is said that this man was a late night loader, and un-loader.

He was a good, honest, family man until one day at 6:00am going home after finishing his shift, 3 men assaulted him for his money.

This had been going on for awhile.

One night, Wayne finally decided to defend himself this time, not knowing the 3 men had a GUN.

He was shot 3 times in the heart and 3 times in the head.

Employees report that in the upstairs storage part of the building is said to be haunted by Wayne.

Reports say sudden things happen. Boxes fall down, radio’s in the store get turned down low, cold areas are felt, and footsteps are heard going up the stairs.


ghost2 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Dallas – Lake Highlands High School

Supposedly sometime in the early 1970s, a girl named Elizabeth jumped out of one of the second story windows of Lake Highlands High School off of Church Rd. and White Rock Trail (near Flag Pole Hill) and killed herself.

Most sightings or strange occurrences have taken place in the auditorium; however the theatre teacher claims he can sense her presence throughout the school.

Tools were found missing from the locked tool room, trash cans and other large objects thrown across room, doors (w/hydraulics to keep from loud slamming) were slammed shut, and random cold spots are felt throughout the rooms.


haunted house Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Dallas – LBJ House – Supposedly there is still blood on the walls and in some areas of the house where a wife and her children were sacrificed.

A really cold feeling can be felt if you stand in a certain place.

Also the property has been abandoned for several decades and no one will buy the lot because of the hauntings.


theatre Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Dallas – Majestic Theatre

At 1925 Elm St. Some say that when no one is around, a theatre benefactor moves backdrops, operates phone lines and emits strange smells.


83001409 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Dallas – Snuffers Restaurant

Numerous people have seen this unidentified ghost, some say that part of the restaurant’s remodeling included inviting an unidentified spirit into the building.

Some wait staff have admitted to hearing the water in the bathroom turn off and on.

One waitress even reported having moved all the condiments at the edge of the table and when she turned around, there were moved back to the middle of the table.

Ask the waitstaff or a manager about the ghosts in Snuffers on Greenville next time you are there.


lady of the lake Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Dallas – White Rock Lake

The Lady of the Lake or White Lady has been seen here and on the road by the lake.

She is said to be dressed in a 1920’s evening gown and soaking wet – she asks drivers for a ride to a house on Gaston Ave. where she disappears leaving nothing but a wet stain on the seat.

The story is that she was the daughter of a wealthy family in the 1920’s.

She was on her way home from a dance when her car wrecked in the lake – she drowned, but the others lived.

She is said to help people from danger ahead when she appears on nights when there is a full moon.


bldg ghost Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Denton – The University of North TexasUnion Suite 324 – The CSRR and SLA offices of the university have a wandering ghosts.

Those who have extra work and stay later after hours tend to hear the fax machine turn on and off.

This ghost “nicknamed” Brandy likes to lock employees in copy roomsand offices, run blank pages through the copier, and turn on and reboot computers.


ghost3 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Euless – The Old Nursing Home

Back behind the NEW nursing home, and the drive through pharmacy (off of Industrial Blvd. – Hwy 157), there exists an OLD nursing home in which all of the patients and doctors just up and left for unknown reasons.

The halls are littered with the wheel chairs and medical supplies of the former residents.

It is said that the moans of the ghosts of elderly patients that died there can be heard up and down the halls.

And if you find the dining hall, a table stands in the center of the room stained with blood and the stench of something rotting lingering in the air.


ghost4 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Fort Worth – Barbers Bookstore On 8th

Ghostly footsteps and sounds of pages being turned, strange shadows on staircase and an apparitions are also reported from here.

The building is now an antiques store.


ghost6 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Fort Worth – Del Frisco’s Steakhouse

In the 1800’s, this area of Ft. Worth was known as “Hell’s Half Acre” because of its numerous saloons, brothels and gambling halls.

There was a bathhouse here where a man was shot in the head.

His spirit roams the banquet halls and the upstairs bar.


ghost7 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Fort Worth – Log Cabin Village

On the top floor you can smell lilacs.

People say that it is the perfume of a settler that was killed there.

You can also hear doors slamming.

Sometimes an evil spirit that resembles a man with a broken neck will scream and can be felt chasing you out of the building.


ghost8 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Fort Worth – Peters Bros. Hats

At 909 Houston in Fort Worth – The ghost of Tom Peters moves hats around.

When they acquired the space of the former pizzeria, they had acquired the ghost of the dishwasher, Jack Martin.

Jack would baptize new employees with a good spray from the dishwasher.

10104650 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Fort Worth – Spaghetti Warehouse

Haunted by at least 3 separate ghosts.

A small girl in the bathroom that turns on water, flushes toilets, and scatters paper towels.

A woman in white that can be seen on the balcony late at night.

An old cowboy, that throws glasses and knocks over stools.


108177007 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Garland – Smiley’s Grave

Smiley is a man who had slaughtered his entire family in Garland.

It is said that if you lay on his grave at midnight on Halloween….it is a bit of a struggle to get up.


ghost5 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Grand Prairie – Palace of Wax and Ripley’s believe it or not

Believed to be haunted by several victims of a fire from a few years ago.

Strange presence felt, electrical malfunctions that could not be explained, strange noises like bells & someone screaming.

Staff report the motion detectors go off when no one is in the building.


78766492 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Irving – Texas Stadium

It was said that the whole stadium was haunted but sometimes after the games when everyone left, except workers, you could see an old man and his grand-daughter walking around on the second floor.

She was dressed in a cheerleaders outfit and waving a flag.

If you talk to them they won’t answer, they will only pass you and disappear into the darkness.


108130226 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

McKinney – Buffalo Joes

A fine dining restaurant located in downtown McKinney on the east side of the old city hall.

The restaurant has four areas.

The lower level, the main dining room upstairs, the private banquet room, and the storage area behind the banquet room.

A mischievous spirit occupies the storage area.

Sometimes the toilet paper would be strung out, other times forks would be pinned into walls.

All the employees leave at the same time just because they are easily freaked out being by themselves there.

The restaurant used to be a brothel when McKinney was first founded.

Reports claim The Jailhouse Restaurant, a couple blocks west is also haunted.


108272810 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Mesquite – Old Holloman’s Road

Holloman’s Road is a small dirt road that curves between Lawson Rd. and Bruton Rd.

There is a solitary home that has sat for many years abandoned on this small street.

It is the only structure on the road.

Brave teenagers have tried to walk the street at night only to disappear never to be seen again.

The road became such a danger that the city closed the road off.

Witnesses become overwhelmed by a sense of dread and of being watched, even in broad daylight.

In the 80s, a Dallas man killed a young woman and her young son and dumped their bodies on that dark and brooding road.


ba12880 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Mineral Wells – Baker Hotel

A young man and his friend were fraternizing with the laundry women in the basement or what used to be the laundry rooms.

His boss was going to check on them so the first man jumped into the elevator the second man however was caught in between the closing door and died.

It is said if you go by the elevators at night you can see him.

Another legend is that a mistress was so distraught that she could not have her lover, so she killed herself in the Baker (Hotel).

You can smell her perfume of lavender at night in the hall where she died.

Numerous orbs have been seen in pictures along with amazing ecto photos and sounds, apparitions and smells.


82126535 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

North Richland Hills – Knob Hill

People have reported seeing dark figures moving through the trees late at night at the top of the hill.

Residents also report shouts and hollers early in the morning before dawn.

It is reported that a local outlaw known as Sam Bass took two men up to the top of the hill in 1870 and shot both of them in the head.

Some residence have reported over the years of seeing men with old cowboy hats walking around by their fences, but when they go out to investigate no one is there.


200150390 001 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Sunnyvale – Barns Bridge

One night in 1974 and lady and her daughter were driving on Barns Bridge and flipped into the creek and they both died.

Legend is that at midnight you stop on the bridge and turn your car off and sit there roll down the windows and drop your keys onto the road. Wait for 3 minutes and get your keys. They say that when you get home you will have a set of 3 finger prints all over your car.

Most listings in the Haunted Places in Texas list require permission to visit or investigate.

Many of the places are patrolled by the police, and trespassers will be prosecuted.

Also, some, if not all of these accounts appear to be “Urban Legends” there is no verification that any of these are true, if you look at some of them, a lot of them are similar-sounding, and some are just down-right preposterous!!

You may want to research Urban legends at www.snopes.com

To view our source and more Haunted Places in Texas visit: http://www.beer-bytch.com/txhauntedplaces.htm

Check out these sites for videos, pictures and findings from investigations.

Paranormal societies in Texas:

Texas Paranormal Research Team

North Texas Paranormal Research Team

DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas

Texas Paranormal Research Organization

West Texas Paranormal Investigations

Texas Research Investigations of Paranormal Studies


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