Ted Nugent, “Obama Is An Anti-American Monster”

This is why you have to love Ted Nugent, he speaks his mind and he isn’t afraid of what people think of him. So when he came on for a radio interview in Phoenix he was no different calling Obama an “Anti-American Monster.”

He also suggested that the Republican candidates are lacking, “Balls’.

Recently the rocker has said that, “The whole world sucks, but America still sucks less,” adding, “But with this administration, we are catching up.”

So clearly he’s not an Obama fan, but interestingly enough he doesn’t really seem to like any of the Republican candidates either.

Although he did praise them some, Nugent said that the GOP candidates had no “balls” and added that it was time for them to get, “tough”.

Some other interesting things in the interview:

Nugent said that having Tim Geithner as Secretary of The Treasury is like having Jeffrey Dahmer, “in charge of a children’s playground.”

He called the government officials, “American hating maniacs.”

And he said that, “welfare is slavery”

I bet Ted is a nice, well rounded, down to earth individual.

You can hear the entire interview HERE.

Warning some graphic language.

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One Comment

  1. mpbulletin says:

    It’s amusing how those on the Right malign any Hollywood actor for speaking on behalf of any Democrat but Republicans hang on every nugget of Nuget “wisdom” they can find. Why is that?

    1. Barbie says:

      Because hardly anyone else will come forward and say they’re a republican! The media demonizes republican celebrities and ruins their careers. Ted is one of the few that’s stuck around.

      1. mpbulletin says:

        Well, the Right’s dimissal of celebrity political opinion is that they don’t know anything. So why buy into anything Ted says? He’s just another celebrity. Besides, his rock n roll history, what credentials does he have that would make anyone take what he says seriously?

      2. Matdredalia says:

        Wait wait….the media demonizes Republican celebrities??? Are you HIGH? The VAST majority of country musicians are Republicans, and the few who ARE Democrats or have spoken out against Republicans have been crusified. Chuck Norris is a diehard Republican and is considered a universal badass.

        Jesus, Arnold Schwarzenegger got elected GOVERNOR of California and is one of the biggest actors of the last 30 years! Ever heard of Ronald Reagan? He was a pretty big celebrity before he did that thing, oh what was it…oh yeah, GOT ELECTED PRESIDENT! If you want to argue that that was 20+ years ago, that’s fine.

        Let’s keep going with some recent politics. Back when Eminem was writing songs & making music videos encouraging people to “Rock the Vote” back in 2004, and encouraging people to vote and make their voices heard in general (though he was clearly Anti-Bush), his bro 50 Cent was endorsing W.

        Dean Koontz, who is one of the best selling authors in the USA, is a Republican. Not one of these people has been demonized by the media or had their career trashed for being a Republican. Clint Eastwood who is one of the most popular, most beloved actors and producers in our country, no, the WORLD, is a Republican.

        Adam Sandler, who is one of the most successful Saturday Night Alumni of all time, who owns his own video production company because he’s been so successful, and puts out several movies *a year*, and is generally considered one of the most successful comedians of our time, is a Republican. Do I need to keep going? Because I can pull up plenty more.

        Here’s a few listings for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:MisfitToys/List_of_celebrities_with_links_to_the_U.S._Republican_Party


        I find it fascinating that while Republicans and even Democrats have been slinging the word “Liberal” like it’s a curse word for several decades, you’re now trying to claim that Republican celebrities are some victimized minority. Really? I mean, REALLY?

        Personally, I think latching onto either party is insanity, and does oneself an injustice. You should use your brain, do some research, and vote for the candidate who you truly feel has the best plans and goals for our country.

    2. Gary says:

      There is no wisdom ever spouted from Ted Nugent. He is definitely a mental case and a republican who respects what he has to say has a mental issue too. Anyone that moves his home to Crawford, Texas because Bush put a home there is definitely a whacko. Watching him in interviews looks like he has smoked, drank, shot up too much of his life (obviously leading to a paranoia). I have no problem considering a republican viewpoint if it wasn’t so full of vile, hateful spew or so clearly full of parnoid rhetoric. There was a time when our republican forefathers and foremothers had some valid arguments worth considering but the republican baby boomers with their greed, self-centeredness, and rejection of anything or anyone that doesn’t look like their warped view of what is right has changed all that for me. I am a baby boomer and would be ashamed to be a republican with bozos like Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, etc representing my viewpoints.

      1. mpbulletin says:

        Gary, agreed. There most certainly was a time when BOTH parties could actually talk to one another and find substantive solutions to what ailed us but not any longer especially when people like Limbaugh, Palin, Nugent, etc speak for the Republican party.

        I’d say more people like yourself need to have your voices heard.

  2. Ed Clark says:

    you are what you eat/breathe, etc. and HEAR (and take to heart).

    This garbage that Ted spews is just that, not fit for spiritual consumption. But his thoughts (if you want to stretch the meaning of the word and categorize them as thoughts) certainly are gobbled up by those terribly human folks (only concerned with their own, disruptive egos) who live in their personal toxic dump minds, controlled by their own fear and self-loathing. You can’t love yourself and make such outrageous, MONSTERISH statements.

    The beginning of this article reads, “you have to love Ted Nugent for speaking his mind”. You must be making a sarcastic, satirical statement. Not.

    It’s especially puzzling that a musician, sensitive to that world, is so insensitive to, apparently, everything else around him.

  3. ichliebe says:

    He’s my new favorite idiot. ♥

  4. r. milne says:

    The point isn’t that celebrities are Republicans or Democrats. The point is that many Americans see Obama as an invading species, complete with a cast of “czars” that should scare the be-Jesus out of everyone but somehow are allowed to run this country from the shadows. The point is that Obama’s background as an America-hater is well documented: his associations with terrorists like Bernadette Dorhn and William Ayers, the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, and Michelle Obama’s admission that she was never proud to be an American are blatant admissions which prove the Ted Nugent is right on target. I don’t see any reason to be sidetracked by Hollywood liberal talk here. Obama is a monster and is intentionally trying to destroy the United States of America. Both right and left wing should be terrified of this guy.

    1. Christine says:

      WELL SAID!!

    2. mpbulletin says:

      First, r milne, the “czars” are ONLY advisors. The term “czars” is a media invention and they go back as far as Nixon. So please stop buying into the right-wing rhtoric on this. ANd if you want to be worried about ANYONE let’s be worried about grover norquist. Look at the immense sway he has over virtually the entire Republican Party. Where is HIS accountability? He even came out ans stated publicly at CPAC that he wants Romney to win the presidency so he can be te GOP-controlled Congress’ rubber-stamp president. So HE can control the presidency through the gop congressmen/women who he has in his back pocket.

      Wanna be worried about someone… look closer to your own party.

    3. Dick Dangles says:

      @ r. milne: you are obviously drinking far too muchKool-Aid from the tin-foil hat wearing crowd. There is no evidence that Obama hates America. There is no evidence that Michelle Obama hates America. if you take things out of context and make them the basis of your argument, and try to present that as fact, then you are NO better than the “liberal media” you accuse daily of perverting the truth.

    4. john_willow says:

      Paranoid much?

    5. john_willow says:

      Jeremiah wright spent six years in the marines, r, milne. Dick Cheney, right-wing chicken hawk supreme, got about six deferments from military service, one for having a child who wasn’t born yet, because he had “better things to do.” That does make you stop and think? I didn’t think so.

      Your incoherent ranting about Obama, Hollywood and liberals is right out of Nugent’s creepy, dishonest playbook. The sight of lemmings like you following hate-mongerers like Nugent and Rush Limbaugh around does not look like patriotism to me, but it is eerily reminiscent of Hitler youth.

  5. David de Carion says:

    After taking a look at his comments my inclination was to call him a pathetic moron, but then I realized that would be unfair to morons.

  6. Drew says:

    This is so lame. He’s a Republican. Of course he’s going to say this. Men of his generation pick a side and blindly follow. It’s all image. If you still need to hear “both sides are crappy anyway and scratch each other’s back in the end, and it doesn’t matter what side you vote”, you are living eons ago.

    Bill Maher and other lefties say the same thing about the left wing: they need to get “tough”. They need to do this, do that. Right wingers need to do this, blah blah. Politicians are never doing enough according to everyone. No kidding, idiots. If they did enough, they’d be out of a job.

  7. winny says:

    Who cares whether this guy is a republican or anything else. He’s just nuts, and an embarrassment to all of us.

  8. 14/88troll says:

    Thats right ted you tell ’em we can’t be having a negro in power (sarcasm)

  9. Steve says:

    Total dickhead, Piss off Ted, take your hate somewhere else. Hard rocker wannabe, never was good enough, just couldn’t write the songs. The Republican party is still a mainstream party with something to offer, it must be rescued from extremist idiots like Nugent.

  10. amy says:

    eat a dick, ted nu-who-the-fuck-are-you? remind me again why your opinion is relevant?

  11. john_willow says:

    Ted Nugent is a clown. Take him seriously at your peril.

  12. john_willow says:

    Ted Nugent is an All-American racist doing what racists do: demonizing black people.

  13. Sharon Carlson says:

    You and Rush make nice bookends for what’s left in the library after your friends burn all the books that have opinions which differ from your own white elitist views.

  14. JM says:

    Yeah, so is the rest of the world: we’re all anti-American monsters. And you’re not even washed up because you’re not even 5th rate!

  15. Dean says:

    Ted at least has the balls to tell it like it is…unlike all you “ball-less” limp-wristed panty waist milk toast anal retentive liberal progressives socialist communist bastards who are content to serve american values to the lowest bidder…..why don’t you all just cowboy up and grow a frickin pair already! If you don’t like America and everything she stands for, then by all means, go to hell….do not pass go, do not collect $200….just go to hell….or europe…that’ll work too…or mexico…you can hang out with all the beaners too…I’m SICK AND TIRED of watching this country go to hell in a hand basket, and listening to pieces or sh*t like bill mahr spew his garbage, and then watching POS liberals defend it….you can all just go smoke pole as far as I’m concerned!!!

    1. Marco says:

      Yeah, f*** off, you stupid bastard!

  16. Dean says:

    And YEAH, that’s right – I’m also SICK AND TIRED or watching this INVASION across our border to the south!! Watching these frickin mexicans take down OUR AMERICAN FLAG and put up the MEXICAN FLAG over the high schools, and everybody just laughs and thinks it’s FUNNY???? I say to hell with mexico!! It’s a declaration of WAR and as far as I’m concerned, it’s time to push them ALL BACK DOWN SOUTH where they belong!!! BOTH parties are too wimpy to TAKE A STAND and put an M16 every 10 feet the entire length of the border to once and for all SHUT THE DAMN BORDER DOWN ALREADY!!!! Frickin TODAY already!!

  17. Bosse says:

    Sorry to hear that Ted has not grasped the fact that Obama may be the last hope for a more decent life for millions of American people. What do you Americans really know about democracy and respect for each other? It seems to me that you might as well have been born in the 1700th century!

  18. Jen says:

    Who cares what this washed up musician (if you can generously call him that) has to say?

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