When I think of hot dogs, ballparks, cookouts, college comes to mind.  Wipe all that out of your head and think, gourmet, large hot dogs made with love and flavors/toppings/techniques like no other.  Think Sassy’s Hot Dog!

Sassy’s Hot Dog is a food truck out of Ft. Worth.  We met with the Chef/Owner, Goose (Garland) Geeslin and his lovely wife, Shiow-fen .  Right when you start talking with Goose, you think you’ve known him for years.   Born and raised the Ft. Worth area, you can tell his Texas charm, kindness and open arms help him with his returning customers and those who are new to his greatness of a gourmet hot dog.

sassy food truck rating banannas Food Truck Spotlight: Sassy Hot Dogs ReviewGourmet Dogs:

Goose first made the WTF (Wrap That Frank), 2 pounds of pleasure…and seriously, 2 pounds of pleasure.  This WTF had everything but the kitchen sink…and if it had the kitchen sink, it would have been scrumptious.  It has 10 ingredients, everything from a fried egg, to homemade chili, to cheese, to all beef frank, to onions, etc.  Do you have the guts to try it?  Believe, you should.  It comes on a bed of homemade potato fries and is just amazing.

Can’t have a gourmet dog without it being a Chicago Style dog.  The bun itself is making my mouth water thinking about it.  Goose gets these each day fresh from a local bakery.  You’ll find yourself enjoying sweet relish, kosher pickle spears, onions, mustard, 2 slices of Garden fresh tomato, 2 serrano peppers and a splash of celery salt.  All items come directly from Chicago except the tomatoes (Texas grown) and the poppy seed bun.  Eating this dog, took me too Michigan Ave!  It really did!!

Probably my favorite item that was made, the Classic & Beefy Chili Dog.  I want one now!  Chef Goose makes the chili homemade, let me tell you, I LURVED it.  First you’ve [photogallerylink id=92935 align=right]got that yummy bun, then grilled onions, then the amazing beefy hot dog, then (my favorite part) the chili and of course you can’t forget the deli fresh cheddar.  But the most important part of this dish, the fork and knife!!!  I grew up eating chili dogs, in fact, it would be all I would eat…and this is by far my favorite I’ve ever had.  GREAT JOB Sassy’s Hot Dog.

Surprise, surprise, do you know if you put raspberries and no vinegar in a BBQ Sauce you get greatness!!!  AND then you put this amazing BBQ Sauce on grilled onions, all beef dog and yummy bun, you get GREATNESS times 100?  Try this BBQ Sauce, it’s addicting.  I made the comment to Goose, if you bottle this stuff, you better call me.  It was the perfect amount sweet and so refreshing.  Again, I’m not blowing steam up your u know what, it’s the truth!

I came away from my experience with Goose happy and full.  He truly is the “Picasso” of hot dogs.  They look as beautiful as they taste.  His menu also has hamburgers and specialty items like tacos and homemade egg rolls.  BUT if you want to try two more items, you must try the Doggy Ear Fries where you’ll taste a hint of something you can’t figure out…but it’s great.  AND for dessert, a must must, the Sassazz Fried Marshmallows.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

This food truck was enjoyable to say the least.  Goose was enjoyable to say the least.  Go…just go!

foodie signature Food Truck Spotlight: Sassy Hot Dogs Review

Sassy Hot Dogs Website

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